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Home Improvement & Cleaning Services 


Not sure if your floors need to be cleaned? Let us be the judge!

Dalmex, Inc. commonly cleans schools, office buildings, banks, community centers, locker rooms, pools, public showers, and more! Whatever your cleaning needs are we clean top to bottom, paying attention to every small detail!

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We offer commercial, construction, and residential cleaning! 


We offer:      grout cleaning                                                                 removal of construction debris, dusting
                      carpet cleaning                                                                vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms
                      floor waxing                                                                     cleaning kitchen facilities
                      floor cleaning                                                                   strip and wax
                      floor polishing                                                                 outside/parking garage cleaning
                      detailing of all types of flooring                                    landscaping
                      power washing, inside and outside window cleaning